Saturday, March 26, 2011

Whaddaya hear, whaddaya say?

Ok folks, half keeping to my promise; here's one sequential page, and some other odds and ends.
The below is half-way through the 'prelude' of sorts. I condensed the below scene (what you see is half of it) quite a bit. In my head, it was five pages, two being full page illustrations. Down the line it might end up being broken down and re-drawn, but right now I just want to get ink on paper.
The following is a rendition of 'the detective'; one of many and not my favorite, but I like the illustration. I haven't been able to decide on a face. Not sure how distinct or pudding-like I should go with. The others have a bogart-esqueness to them, complete with melting jowls.
Spoiler alert: The below is the last thing he dreams before he wakes in the burn-ward; his burnt up wife.
And lastly, a small panel from the first few pages.
I hope you've all been enjoying this as much as I. This has been quite a learning experience thus far, and I have a ways to go. I hope you'll continue to check in once in. More soon.

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