Monday, March 7, 2011

Coma Dreams and Queer Animate Things...

Hey folks. Some more random parts of the story for your viewing pleasure. The following is first two pages after 'the detective' has his unfortunate accident. This is part of a few page dream sequence before he wakes in a burn ward a different man. I kinda like how it flows, but at the same time, I want to re-do it already. The catch is, I can't let myself. I need to learn to stop spending hours on fine-line details. As of now, all of the work on this blog has been penned in much haste, both to stay loose, and get these burning hot thoughts out of my head.

The following are a few random panels from random points in the story. The first set is establishing time and place. A large element in this story is the immigrants pouring into New York. More about that later. Following that is a panel about the crimes that start popping up, along with arson and kidnapping. Again, more about that soon. After that, just randomness. A block of brainstorming for when the bandages come off.. and no, it won't look like that. Just brainstorming...

That's all for now folks. Again, your feedback is greatly appreciated. The fact that people are showing interest in this is the biggest thing keeping me churning out these random panels.

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  1. jaw dropping excellence. i can not wait to see all the places you are going Sam. outstanding