Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sub-Cellar Leakage

Hey folks, hope you're all well. After finishing Dashiell Hammett's 'The Dain Curse' and a pep talk from the ever helpful incredibly talented Christine Larsen I started chipping away at the project again. Below is a selection of random experiments from the past week of odd drawing time. Below, some copy from the beginning. Not quite sure how to start, or explain, or how much to condense because I tend to ramble on. It's paired with some odd panels from a wholly different part of the story.
Next up is an experiment. Again, trying to grasp sequential format, this time only allowing myself a dull brush pen, tiny panels, and minimal detail. I adjusted the levels to blow out the writing in-between panels because it only breaks up the art.
Random study from the same part of the story.
Below is an attempt at a cover...or maybe just a splash page. It's awaiting ink washes, color, and type.

That's all for now folks. Hope you enjoyed the minimal progress. More soon. I swear.

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